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“Champions of Caring introduces a new dialogue to the students in my class. The discussions about ethics and the value of positive character allow the students to discuss topics that are usually avoided. The development of these conversations gives my students motivation to be better people and pushes them to question the roles they play in society. During one discussion of ethics a student took initiative to create positive sayings and post them on the walls in the classroom. Her simple idea developed into all of my students working together to create positive spirit signs, which they hung throughout the high school. There is so much focus on the curriculum and testing, that the idea of character development has gone away, and our children do not have a moral compass to work from. By teaching the Champions of Caring curriculum to my students I see their will to do good actions developing and their motivation for change.”

Amira Strong Teacher, Martin Luther King Promise Academy 2012-2014 November 17, 2014

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