“Anyone concerned about reducing dropout rates, improving attendance, and most importantly, improving students’ attitudes toward learning, academic achievement, and civil behavior should take a serious look at what Champions has to offer… Champions classes are interesting, relevant, stimulating, and worth attending… Rather than being a program that just focuses on teaching tolerance and multicultural understanding, [the Journey of a Champion Program] is at the forefront of educational reform.”
-Robert Shumer, Ph.D., Independent Evaluator


“The Journey of a Champion Program changes lives. It positively touches everyone involved. Because of this program, the students at Kensington High School are better people and care more about their communities. I have been honored to include this program as part of a well rounded curriculum for my Social Studies courses.”
-Arthur Newman, Social Studies Teacher,
Kensington International Business High School


“I am most appreciative of the Ambassadors of Caring Leadership Program, for it has greatly enhanced my leadership abilities and exposed me to the joys of community service as no other program could.”
-Nathan Dorfman, Central High School, Ambassador


“The Champions of Caring program has provided numerous avenues for personal growth and the growth of my impact project….I became a more patient and tolerant person and changed my views about working with different people.”
-Brian Garber, Radnor High School, Ambassador


“I realized that I want to play an active role in helping people lift the veil of ignorance.”
-Linda Giddings, Furness High School, Champion


“I will never lose my child-like desire to become a band-aid for the world. Even if the band-aid only adheres for an hour in someone’s life, that is one hour when I know I helped to heal a person. It only takes one moment to improve the world and I plan to embrace many moments.”
-Lauren Bohn, Villa Maria Academy, Champion


“I feel that my services have inspired other people to share what they can give to others. If this pattern continues, all our work will pay off and the world would be a better place.”
-Amy Callaghan, Upper Darby High School, Champion


“Everyone in this world is searching for happiness and it is one’s wish to avoid suffering. I look forward to the stories and giggles of my senior citizen. She tells me that when I visit her, I bring the light to her lonely life. It was not until that very moment, that I realized how one person could make an impact in someone else’s life. Community service can change one’s perception of life.”
-Christine Chen, Abington High School,  Ambassador


“While living in Albania, I saw terrors right in front of my eyes that I wouldn’t want to happen to any human being in this world. Because of hate, I saw bullets run through the door of my apartment. Because of violence, I saw people suffer. Because of hunger, children lay in their beds hungry every night. Because of racism, people were divided. Because of homelessness, people died in harsh, cold winters and in hot, unbearable summers. This all has to stop before it is too late.”
-Brunilda Cepele, Kensington High School, Champion

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